TOOL-Flashlight-Astrolux FT04

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TOOL bands use this flashlight? I don’t know, but you can use it to support them.

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Note about Temperature control function:
Temperature control defaults to 55 degrees Celsius. When the temperature of the flashlight reaches 55 degrees Celsius, it will automatically slow down to the middle brightness level. When the temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius, it will automatically slow up to the high brightness level.

1. The highest grade Luminus SST-40-P2 LED
2. Maximum brightness: 2500 lumens; Maximum distance:1000 meters(Main at thrower king)
3. Comes with a quick charging AC Plug; 2A Rechargeable
4. IPX8 waterproof.
5. Super heat dissipation design, flashlight heating fast, cautious use, carefully ironing hands.
6. 3x 18650 pointed or semi-pointed batteries are used to ensure the consistency of battery voltage.
( Note: If you insist on using flat-end batteries, you need to buckle down the anti-backlash patches at the cylinder body and tail to prevent the anti-backlash batteries from being released by yourself.)
7.High efficiency constant current circuit, constant brightness.

Operating interface:
1. Click the button to boot; click Close.
2. Low – Medium 1 – Medium 2 – High – Double Click Ultra Bright
( Changing Gear by Long Press Switch;
Gear memory function: flashlight memory last closed gear)
3. Double-click on any gear can quickly enter the ultra-bright gear
( Click the gear before reply)
4. Turbo gear, double-click again to enter explosive mode
5. In turn-off state, press the switch for 2 seconds to enter the Ultra Low mode.
( In Ultra Low mode, Flashlight locking: Quick double-click switch do not let go, can lock the flashlight;
To prevent the flashlight discharge knapsack from opening by mistake; It can also spin a little head power off protection.)

Switch indicator:
100%~50% power: Blue light is always on
50%~9% power: Blue light flickers, frequency flickers twice every 10 seconds
Less than 9% electricity: Red light flashes. At the same time flashlight flash prompt, and automatically enter the ultra-low bright gear

Package included:
1 x Astrolux FT04 SST-40-P2 Long Throw Searching Flashlight
2 x Spare waterproof O-rings
1 x Lanyard
1 x US AC Plug
1 x Plug adaptor according to the socket size of your country

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